Supply chain core pillar

It all starts with the raw materials

We source our raw materials from partners with whom we have a relationship of trust that has grown up over many years. These relationships are built on our strict quality criteria, on fair treatment, and personal contact. We give our supply partners planning security by signing long-term contracts with them. We believe that where there is mutual trust, partners can rely on one another. This belief is confirmed in our excellent business relations, many of which have lasted for decades.

People are our focus

There is a growing global need for stability and sustainability in supply chains. At the center of our supply chains are the communities that we wish to support. Within our sustainability projects we work with smallholders, wild collectors and suppliers to develop practical solutions to the challenges facing local people and their families. These projects do not only lead to concrete improvements in quality of life – with their newly acquired knowledge and skills, individuals on the ground can bring about genuine, lasting change.


Our goal

We work toward improving the quality of life of the people in our supply chains and their families, and we aim to increase the number of sustainable supply chains.


Sustainable Development Goals

The objectives and measures in the Supply Chain core pillar support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 2 “Zero Hunger,” Goal 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth,” and Goal 15 “Life On Land.”


Our highlights


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