Botanical extracts, tinctures and powders for animal nutrition

We take up the challenge of providing effectively active substances on a pure natural basis for animal feed.

From botanical seed to beneficial feed.

Depending on the active substances, the effects of phytogenes acts at different points in the animal, from the mouth to the gastrointestinal tract to the cellular level. Phytogenic ingredients are not a uniform group; many thousands of substances with varying compositions have been described in plants. This diversity depends not only on the species but also on factors such as climate, time of harvest, drying process or extraction method.

Active ingredients can be present in whole plants, plant parts such as leaves, fruits, stems, chews, or roots. They can be enriched and standardized through different processing and extraction methods.

We offer a wide and sustainable range of botanical raw materials that add functional value in pet food, livestock, and aqua nutrition. We provide different formats such as extracts, tinctures, or powders. Our experts are familiar with the needs of the pet food, aqua culture and livestock industries and work close with research and development departments to identify botanical raw materials optimized for your application and formulation.

With functional, sensory, or technical benefits, our botanicals offer value in every feed. Whether psyllium husks to support digestion or homogenize moist pet food, turmeric and beetroot as natural colorants, green tea and grape extract as antioxidants, fenugreek seeds or licorice root to stimulate appetite - we find potential herbs for many purposes and optimize their application for you.

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Pet food

High-quality natural components are taking on a growing role. Setting trends, standing out from others, clean labelling and showing sustainability awareness are current guiding principles of the industry.

When it comes to their pets' food, customers are demanding more and better products: more innovation, better nutrition, more functionality. Often also in connection with premium, naturalness, sustainability, and well-being.

Plant-based ingredients can address these points and, for example, support the digestion, vitality, or defenses of our pets in a natural way.

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Pet Food


Livestock feed

In the livestock sector, ensuring a certified supply chain is an important pillar. We offer qualified and high-quality herbal products for farm animals of all kinds, which provide added value for animal health, well-being, functionality, or feed economy.

A particular challenge for the feed industry is to reduce the use of antibiotics through ingredients that promote health and vitality. Here, functional herbal solutions with antimicrobial, immunomodulatory or anti-inflammatory effects play an important role.

Scientific studies on various phytogenic substances have shown that they can increase feed intake, influence digestion and metabolism positively, and enhance animal performance.

We offer GMP+ or FamiQS certified products in conventional or organic quality tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Animal Feed


Aqua nutrition

We develop high-quality extracts for specific product applications in the field of aqua nutrition from a variety of plant-based raw materials. Different formats such as powder, paste or liquid can be used to meet your technological requirements.

Our botanical products for the aqua culture industry provide a natural and environmentally friendly source of substances with beneficial active ingredients. Producers and consumers of aquatic foods look upon that favorably. Scientific studies underline the benefits and positive effects of botanical ingredients in aqua culture feeds.

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Aqua Nutrition


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