Quality and safety

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Our products are delicate and natural creations. As participants in the value chain, we carry a special responsibility towards our customers. We don’t take this responsibility lightly and are completely invested in the quality and safety of our products.

We stand by our protocols and integrated management system while continuing to pursue certifications from regulators and external organizations. This ensures consistent compliance with all requirements and enables us to identify and minimize risks as early as possible in the raw material sourcing stage.


Raw materials and sourcing

Responsible sourcing of raw materials



Our botanicals are sourced from more than 80 countries around the world.


Our portfolio contains over 200 botanicals.

>40.000 t

Our more than 40,000 ton-storage capacity protects us against crop failures.

>85.000 t

We process over 85,000 tons of raw materials per year.

From anise, horehound, lemon balm and mint to cinnamon and lemongrass — our portfolio contains over 200 botanicals from over 80 countries. We have sourcing experts in all corners of the world who share the same mission: to work with partners to ensure access to fine botanicals of the best possible quality. Our top priority is the responsible use of natural resources and the wellbeing of the people who grow our botanicals or collect them in the wild.

The presence and input from our experts on site are crucial on issues such as seeds, avoidance of chemical pesticides and the implementation of social or ecological projects.

Moreover, our responsible sourcing concept is underpinned by a comprehensive quality management system and appropriate documentation. Our storage capacity of more than 40,000 tons of botanicals protects us from the impact of crop failures, guaranteeing certainty in a global raw materials market full of uncertainties.

Our sourcing standard: mabagrown®

We have always valued product safety along with ecological and social sustainability. More than a decade ago we developed our own sourcing standard, mabagrown®, and implemented it one step at a time with like-minded customers and raw material partners.

Our team regularly check compliance with requirements on site — our partners included in the program are also audited by independent bodies.
Due to our unwavering commitment to this standard, we are the first manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of herbal and fruit infusions with the sustainability seal (UTZ).

Many of our projects help improve the living standards of the local population and help maintain biodiversity. We embrace our corporate responsibility with conviction and enthusiasm!



Product seals for your customers


End consumers are increasingly curious to learn where and how the ingredients of the products they use have been sourced. As a result, demand for certified products is on the rise.

Examples from our portfolio:

  • EU-Organic-Label DE-ÖKO-006
  • Fair-for-Life 
  • Fairtrade 

  • FairWild 
  • Rainforest Alliance 
  • UTZ 


Lab analyses

Ensuring customers’ safety through extensive analyses


Each of our products is thoroughly analyzed following our internal requirements. PhytoLab, an independent, accredited laboratory for plant analysis, handles our verification checks. Affiliated with the nature network, PhytoLab is familiar with the variety of plants used by MartinBauer. With its decades of experience, this lab is a significant contributor to our product safety.

To PhytoLab


Our production process

Knowledge that has been tried and tested over decades paired with state-of-the-art technology


To us, technology has always been a way to chart a path towards a responsible future. When processing our botanicals, we use innovative and proven methods that protect all active and inactive ingredients.

Our environmentally friendly, natural, residue-free and safely applicable mabapex® disinfestation process has been around since 1986.

mabatherm® puts the heat on germs with superheated steam, our gentle germ reduction process for at risk-components

mabaselect® filters out foreign particles, using laser technology