Contact - Grievance portal

MartinBauer would like to use the grievance portal to help eliminate deficiencies in its own organization or in the supply chain as early as possible and in a sustainable manner. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen in any organization. It is important to us to recognize these in good time, to correct them and to learn from them in the sense of continuous improvement of our organization.

With the grievance portal, MartinBauer provides a system that enables all employees and outsiders to submit such reports. These can include, for example, human rights violations, violations of due diligence obligations within the company or in the supply chain, corruption, antitrust violations, data misuse and violations of occupational health and safety/environmental protection.

You can submit grievances at, which will be treated in strict confidence and reviewed in a systematized process.

The recipient of the notification is the Head of Legal at the parent company MB-Holding GmbH & Co. KG. It is ensured that your identity is treated confidentially within the framework of the legal provisions and that every grievance is investigated.

The detailed rules of procedure for using the complaint system as well as the legal scope of application can be found in the clarification section when submitting the complaint.